ICT is now an integral part of life in Garbally. Attendance is recorded on E-portal. All the house exams are now entered on this system, which greatly helps our tabulation and presentation of results. The old report books are now being decommissioned. E.C.D.L. has given our pupils a valuable extra qualification as they prepare for the world of work and further their study. I.C.T. was hugely helpful as our students presented their ideas to the B.E.S.T. Judges. This year we have invested in the engine house of the I.C.T. system in the servers. This means we can easily back up all our information and speed up access to the system. We have had in service on how to use I.C.T. more effectively in the classroom and we have accessed visualisation to help teaching and learning.
The introduction of Web Texting has transformed our ability to communicate to the parents. This was particularly effective during the cold spell we had at Christmas.
We have a very good I.C.T. Network in the college and we intend to keep fully up to date with the latest software and hardware innovations.