St Joseph's Day 2010

When students reflect back on their time in Garbally they often choose to forget the many thousands of hours they spent in the classroom.  A surprisingly large number remember the activities of St. Joseph’s Day as the highlight of their time with us.  
It is a great day.  We are all relaxed.  Punctuality and strict adherence to uniform protocols are shall we say different on St. Joseph’s Day.  We deviate somewhat from our patron’s vision of work and focus on play and fun.  Highlights include the annual teacher v students’ soccer match, which the former tend to win because of their superior strength, determination and fitness!
As usual St. Joseph gave us another fabulous day weather wise and the prize giving in the complex was a very memorable occasion for all concerned.  We look forward to another great day this year.

Take it easy Matthew! Patrick stop giving instructions! Gerard seems winded

Oh! How I love being out in the fresh air and not in that stuffy classroom!  St Joseph’s Day 100 metre final