1st Year Food Trip

First Year Food Appreciation Trip to Athlone I.T. catering institute.

On Wednesday morning the 9th of March, Garbally’s first year Food Appreciaton group were on their way to the catering unit in Athlone institute of technology. When we arrived we were greeted by Mr. John O’Hara one of the head facilitators in the unit. Mr.O’Hara brought the group to the canteen area where all the dishes and cakes were on display and treated the year to tea and scones before beginning the journey.

The Boy's all ready for work.

The tour involved trips to the units where the Tourism and Hospitality lectures took place, the storage facilities and also the magnificent kitchens that this year’s Master Chef is to be filmed in and aired on national television. The chef’s working in the unit spoke about their jobs and all that was involved. Mr.O’Hara gave a very informative lesson on the importance of the food industry in Ireland and all the jobs that it offers. The group really enjoyed their day trip away and spent much of their hard earned money in Golden Island on the way home!

Learning from the chef.

The Boy's enjoying their tea and scones.