B.E.S.T. Competition

Since our last publication much has changed. The political landscape is completely altered. The I.M.F and E.C.B are in town. Our backs are to the wall. This challenge presents us with opportunities to be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. The B.E.S.T competition is now in its third year. Our college won the overall winner prize last year when Shane Dolan scooped the first prize of €1,500.

Mr. Tom Burke was deeply involved again this year. He helped all our participants, especially the six students who got through to the final shake up

  • Colin Lyons
  • Jacob Walsh
  • Dylan Ryan
  • Paddy Connolly and Daniel Walsh
  • Conor Grenham and Shane O’Hara
  • Jake Curley

Group Prize Winners and Judges comments

Daniel Walsh & Paddy Connolly
Barter Or Bust Magazin
e. A two weekly publication where people can barter their skills.  Example a plumber may offer to do some work for someone who can provide him/her with say gardening services. Could also form the basis for an online Web Site.

Paddy Connolly and Daniel Walsh being presented with one of the prizes

Shane O ’Hara & Conor Grenham.

Many umbrella’s blow inside out in the wind and have to be thrown away. Shane & Conor took a regular umbrella and added some extra struts to it in a clever way and impressed us with a very practical working prototype. It is such a simple idea that we cannot understand why it is not been done already. Has commercial potential and may need to be patented.

Conor Grenham and Shane O’Hara share a prize

Jacob Walshe

Guitar Teaching Aid. A simple device which attaches to the top of the guitar to enable students find chords. Cheap to produce. Good working sample.  Should be test marketed and again may need possible patent protection.

Jacob Walsh was another BEST winner

Colin Lyons

Toilet Sensor. This concept is a monitoring system for people living alone.  In all cases such people must use the toilet each day.  The sensor is set on a timer to monitor when the toilet is flushed.  If it is not flushed within a set time a light comes on outside the house to indicate no activity and neighbours are alerted and can check.  Clever idea.  We think the sensor could be linked to Eircom phone watch or text messaging.

Colin Lyons had a very intricate invention


Jake Curley
Tracking system for supermarkets purchases. In the current climate people shopping in supermarket need to keep track of their purchases.  Jake identified and sourced a scanning device which can be attached to the trolley and allows people to keep track of their purchases.  He interviewed senior management in one of the major supermarket chains who gave him positive feedback.

He was also aware of a similar system which was piloted a few years ago and had found solutions to why it had not worked.

While the idea and other variations of this have been around and indeed other contestants had a version in this years contest this project was very well researched and is not far away from being “ready to go”.

Well done Jake – Jake Curley shared the top prized with four ladies from Ard Scoil Mhuire