French Play

The French Theatre for Schools arrived in November and performed two plays. “Le Rendez – vous” was performed by the Juniors and “La Nouvelle Inattendue” performed by the Seniors.

The Junior Play “Le Rendez – vous” tells the story of a group of friends going to a concert with lots of mishaps along the way. Martin the principal character arranges to meet his new penfriend first but he is always late, he finally get to meet her in a cafe and has to confess that he sent her a wrong photograph to impress her but Alice says she likes him as he is. The Junior Students participated very well with excellent performances by Ian Murray, Jack Barker, Bruno Cruz, Ian Fletcher and Andrew Mannion.

In the Senior Play “La Nouvelle Inattendue” we are told the story of a young pop group managed by a more experienced member. They are to meet up with him in a country town where they played a gig the night before to get their share of the payment. But they are sure that as usual he will try to cheat them, so they decide they will not accept less than €100. He says he received €500 and will divide it equally. One smells a rat but the other insists on accepting. The Seniors were active participants, they danced and sang and got into the spirit of the show with fine performances from Aidan and Conor Loughrey, Peter Dolan, Brian Flanagan, Ross Keller and Ryan McCarthy


Our man in Paris – Aidan Loughrey