Second Year Hurling

Eoin Stack


After not getting anywhere in the first year competition last year, we were very eager to make an impression in second year hurling this year.  Two of our players who were injured last year returned to the team and it boosted our confidence.  After not have done too much preparation we travelled to Woodford to face against a strong Woodford side.  We didn’t know what to expect but were soon surprised when they were two points the better of us.

There was a strong wind, which didn’t do either team any favours.  After conceding a few silly scores and the referee not counting a goal we scored, we suffered an undoubtedly not deserved defeat.

This isn’t the end for second year hurling as it was only our first match.  We’ve learned from our mistakes and will hopefully reach the final this year!

Back row:  C. Gibbons, M. Feehily, K. Stronge, P. Downey, D. Connolly, E. Stack,

A.    Curley, S. Gibbons

Front row:  I. Fletcher, D. Glynn, L. Feehily, A. Finnerty, S. Keller, M. Headd,

G. Donohue