University Of Limerick Activity Centre Killaloe

by Fiachra Muldoon

On the 1st and 2nd September the TY class travelled to Killaloe in Clare to the University of Limerick Activity Centre.  We came there for a TY bonding day to learn to work with our classmates.  We were first given a talk about what we would be doing.  Each day would consist of two water activities and one land activity.  We were each given a wetsuit to change into.  We were also given a helmet and life jacket.  We were split into four groups of six and a group leader.  Our group did windsurfing first.  None of us had ever done this before.  It was difficult but it was still fun.  Then we did kayaking.  We paddled out to a pontoon and then had great fun pushing each other off!  Later in the day we took to the high ropes.  There were different activities here like an obstacle course and Jacob’s ladder.
The next day we returned to Killaloe.  First, our group did sailing.  We all got into a sail boat and took it out on the lake.  We were given the chance to jump out of the boat into the lake where we were left stranded for a few minutes.  Next we did canoeing.  We canoed around the lake to a pier where we started diving into the water.  When we were done we took all the canoes and the kayaks from another group and made a huge raft which we used to paddle back to the centre just as the raft began to sink and fall apart.  In the afternoon we did Crystal maze, where we had to solve different puzzles and were awarded crystals.  Lastly, we did archery down the road from the centre where there were targets set up for us to shoot.
Overall it was a great couple of days and we all enjoyed.  It was definitely a memorable part of our year.


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