CPR & First Aid

By Fiachra Muldoon

On 15th of September the TY class took part in a CPR training course. People from Portiuncula Hospital came into the school to teach us how to handle Emergency situations where a person has stopped breathing. They showed us a video tutorial to teach us the CPR technique. But they also taught us what to do before you start CPR like getting help, calling an ambulance and checking to see if “the scene is safe”. We were also told how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver incase someone is choking. We felt these were very valuable things to know and that we got a lot out of the session.

On the 29th of September our class participated in a first aid seminar. Here we learned basic things like how to stop a nose bleed to more complicated things like putting an arm in a sling. We also learned things like how to put someone into the recovery position. We also got to ask questions about what to do in certain situations and how to treat certain injuries. This was very helpful as we might need to use some of this later in life.

Overall the CPR training and First Aid was very interesting and it is very useful to have these skills. We were all very happy with both courses and were very satisfied with what we had learned.

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