Gamelan Music Project

The Brothers of Charity Services Galway teamed up with Garbally College and the Active Retirement Association Ballinasloe to run an exciting and innovative music project aimed at promoting greater understanding and co-operation between people of all ages and people with a learning disability.

A week long programme of music workshops took place in Garbally College from Monday 22 November to Friday 26th November 2010. The programme was organised by Soundscape, a Brothers of Charity group, who offer a variety of music making opportunities to people. The Gamelan is a beautiful set of hand-crafted bronze instruments from the Island of Java in Indonesia and the easy to play rhythms guarantee that people enjoyed the workshops.Gamelan is suited to groups of between five and eighteen people and the beautiful melodies which groups produce is an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impact.
This music programme helped to foster greater respect between among the three participating groups - students, older persons and people with a learning disability. Deerpark Service in Ballinasloe has for many years enjoyed good relationships with Garbally College and the Ballinasloe Active Retirement Association. It is commendable that Garbally College offered its wonderful concert hall for this music programme and the project will no doubt be a great vehicle of learning for all involved.

A special musical occasion in the Concert Hall