Pastoral Care

There are a number of structures and programmes to meet specific needs.

These include:

  1. A School Chaplain (full time).
  2. Anti Bullying Policy – students are made aware of this policy from the day of their arrival.
  3. A class monitorial system:  Monitors check academic progress and attendance. They interview students when necessary and are available to meet with parents.
  4. First year/Sixth year Council:  This structure was developed to help first year students make a successful transition from primary to secondary level.  Selected sixth years assume responsibility for small groups of first years, get to know them and are available to sort out adjustment difficulties as they arise.
  5. Individual counselling is available to all students.
  6. All sixth years participate weekly in a School-Leavers’ Programme which concentrates on preparing them for the world of higher education and the world of work.
  7. An elected Students’ Council represents student needs at regular meetings with the school principal.
  8. These structures are supplemented by programmes of Health Education, Relationships Courses and Developmental Group Work.
  9. Study skills programmes are organised for students.