Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities are those activities which may from time to time be undertaken by individuals, groups or classes under the direction and supervision of a teacher or teachers are outside of the formal curriculum but are deemed relevant by the school to the educational needs of the students and are in line with the Schools Mission Statement.

Extra Curricular activities may be for example:

  • School tours.
  • School/class retreats and liturgies.
    Field trips.
  • Competitions involving debates, quizzes, etc.
  • Competitions involving schools sports teams.
  • Outings to Theatres, Cinemas, Third level Colleges open days etc.

The Board of Management

The Board of Management recognises that extra curricular activities by their nature will often take place away from the school and classrooms and outside of school timetabled hours and in the teacher’s and student’s own time.  The Board of Management supports the notion of such activities in the interests of the education of the students and the building of the morale of the whole school community.  It is the policy of Garbally College therefore that teachers are encouraged to organise extra curricular activities and students are encouraged to participate in such activities as are organised.


Teachers involved in organising extra curricular activities will advise the Board of Management, through the Principal, of all activities that are intended to be undertaken as far in advance as possible.  Such teachers will also obtain prior written parental permission of his parents for a student to participate in such extra curricular activities.
Teachers must leave work with the Principal for their classes when the are away.
List of students attending must be given to the Deputy Principal.
Relevant chit must be handed in by Friday 12 noon prior to event.

The Students

The students participating in extra curricular activities must:

  • Have prior written parental permission to so do.
  • Be identifiable at all times as Garbally College students (i.e. wear the school uniform/P.E. uniform as prescribed) except in the case where the Principal/Deputy Principal otherwise direct.
  • A Levy to defray cost of bus will be collected by teacher/s accompanying students.  The amount is determined annually.
  • Remember that the school’s Code of Behaviour applies to all such activities.
  • Ensure that all homework and assignments missed by involvement in an extra curricular activity are recorded, carried out and handed up as required (except in the case where a teacher specifically grants an exemption).
  • Return punctually and as directed to classes once an extra curricular activity ends within school time.

Please note
(a) Failure to comply with the directives of this policy may result in a student being disallowed from participation in an activity.
(b) School representative teams.  Students in the final year of examination who are involved in schools sport teams must confine their extra curricular activities.  This is to minimise class/study time which may be lost due to participation in a number of such teams.
(c) An extra curricular activity will be deemed finished upon return to Garbally College once the activity has ended.


  • Will be informed regarding Garbally College policy on extra curricular activities.
  • Must give prior written consent for their son(s) to become involved in any extra curricular activity.
  • Will be responsible for collecting their son(s) from Garbally College in the event of a particular extra curricular activity ending after 3.50 p.m.
  • When students are attending events away from the College it is important to note that – The point of departure is the point of return.
  • If you wish your son(s) to be collected at another point; you (parent/guardian) must be present at this point. This request must be in writing and sent to the school authorities prior to event.