Sport & Recreation

Garbally College is noted for its extra curricular provision.
We pride ourselves on the extent of our involvement in this vital area of concern for young men.  We are unique in Ireland in the breath and depth of our extra-curricular provision –

  • Rugby
  • Soccer  
  • Handball  
  • Squash
  • Hurling 
  • Basketball 
  • Racketball 
  • Football Golf  
  • Table Tennis

An important innovation for this year was the reintroduction of Soccer.  Our team has participated in the Connacht League and students appreciate this involvement.  Also worth nothing is the huge participation in first year hurling and rugby.  The vast majority of our first years have participated and greatly enjoyed the experience. 
Indoor facilities include a modern gymnasium with squash courts, dressing rooms and showers.  Indoor games include basketball, hockey, volleyball, badminton, Olympic Handball and table tennis.