Ours is a Catholic boys school which aims to provide a holistic education for our students, enabling them to acquire the life skills necessary to live fulfilled lives.
The qualities of respect, justice and compassion, which are rooted in Gospel values, should permeate all school policies.
We believe that promoting healthy relationships and a spirit of collaboration within the school itself and with the wider community, are the best means of ensuring a good school.
We recognise that each pupil entrusted to us is unique and has different gifts as well as different needs.
Garbally College, Ballinasloe does not discriminate against its students on grounds of religion, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, membership of any minority or other group or organisation or on any grounds whatsoever.

Educational Philosophy

Garbally is a voluntary Catholic School under the trusteeship of the diocese of Clonfert.  Founded in 1892, it has long and proud tradition as a seminary and a boarding school.
It now begins a new and exciting journey as dayboys’ school for Ballinasloe and its hinterland.  Our school ethos is based on the conviction that living the Gospel values of love, freedom and justice enables all members of the school community to reach that fullness of life that Jesus promised:  “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full” (Jn 10.10).
In partnership with families and the wider community we strive to create a learning community that actively encourages excellence in teaching and learning.  We strive to create a positive, orderly and caring environment, which will nurture the talents of all in our school community.  We encourage our students to become knowledgeable, well behaved and open-minded individuals who can face the world of work and further education with confidence and competence.
We endeavour to ensure that each student passing through the College will be enabled to develop positive and responsible attitudes towards themselves and others.

A Christian Catholic group of parents, pupils, teachers, trustees and management
In Garbally College, Ballinasloe we are committed to –
•    The meaningful celebration of the liturgy, personal and communal prayer
•    Honouring Mary, the Mother of God.
•    Creating an awareness of God through the Scriptures, in the wonder of creation and in the service of others.
•    The provision of a systematic religion Programme related to the students’ needs.
•    Fostering faith, discipline, freedom and an appreciation of our cultural heritage.

Our school endeavours to:
•    Enable each student to become aware of the dignity and value of each person and the interdependence of the human race.
•    Share the values of the Christian story with others.
•    Facilitate the growth and development of all sections of the school community.
•    Have a special concern for the poor, the disadvantaged and to have a commitment to promote a just society.