The first term is always the toughest and longest. The days are getting shorter and we spend less and less time at games after school. The lads are mindful of the need to do the heavy lifting during the long winter evenings. Parent/Teacher Meeting are held and the exam classes work towards the continuous Assessments we now have in place.
Once Christmas is over the mood lifts. We start the Spring Clean in preparation for next years First Years. It is an exciting time of the year. We must put our best foot forward to greet our new pupils who will be with us for five or six years.
Many of our pupils come from small country schools.  The transition to a five hundred pupil school can be difficult.  With this in mind we host two “Taster Tuesdays” for the smaller schools.  This year we invited Kiltormer, Laurencetown, Clontuskert, Kilconnell and Cappatagle to a special taster Tuesday.  They also joined the other primary schools on the official Taster Tuesday.  It was a great success.  In excess of one hundred and thirty pupils enjoyed our sports facilities, the Dining Hall and the six optional subjects they had the opportunity to taste that day.  The following Saturday was Open Day and in excess of three hundred students and parents gathered in the Concert Hall to begin the school tour.  It was a resounding success.  Everyone in our school community – teachers, SNAs, administration and maintenance staff, students and parents contributed to the success of our Open Day.  At the time of writing we have almost one hundred pupils enrolled for next year.  Our numbers have increased from 420 three years ago to almost 500 now.  Everyone in our school community has contributed to this success.  We were all proud to showcase the excellent teaching and learning facilities we now have.

Can’t wait to get into this new gym

Who made this lovely cake? What a great College!

Some of these new first years are huge!