Since 2007, we have pioneered the integration of students with autism and mild to moderate learning challenges into mainstream education.

The initiative is part of our philosophy of inclusion and innovation.  The welcome given to these pupils reflects the care and maturity of our school community.

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Caring and Inclusive

Special Needs Assistants

One of the most beneficial changes that has occurred in Garbally has been the arrival of Special Needs Assistants back in 2006. Maureen Gormally was the sole Special Needs Assistant in the college, and we now have many more.
The S.N.A. do invaluable work as they help students make the transition to Post Primary Education. They also help students in the vital areas of literacy and numeracy; we are lucky in the range of skills that the S.N.As bring to the college. They are so willing to help out in whatever way they can and this is deeply appreciated. Their “can do” culture has always made such a positive difference to our school.

Míle Buíochas