It is the policy of Garbally College that each student be assigned homework daily and that such homework be undertaken to the best of each students ability.  This policy arises from the demands of sound pedagocial practice and the aspiration of the schools Mission Statement.  Homework is prescribed for the following reasons:

  • To enable the teacher to assess the degree to which material taught has been grasped by a student.
  • To enable the teacher to monitor, on a regular continuous basis, the progress being made by a student.
  • To enable the student to become an efficient learner.
  • To enable the student to develop short term and long term memory skills.
  • To enable the student to master such skills, concepts and principles etc. as are demanded by the curriculum.

Homework wil generally be comprised of the following elements:

  • Written work which is to be submitted to the teacher for inspection and correction.
  • Reading of material already covered in class or in preparation for material about to be covered.
  • Revision of material already covered on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  It is emphasised that the reading and revision elements are of equal importance to the written element.

The Teacher

The teacher will assign homework and ensure that all the elements of the homework assigned are noted accurately by the student in his journal.  The teacher will keep a record of the homework performance of each student and report those in need of attention to the relevant Year Head.

The Student

The student will note all homework assigned accurately in his journal and do all the homework prescribed to the best of his ability (see Behaviour Code).  Homework will be done at home or at evening in school and not at any time during the school day.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will insofar as possible provide a suitable location free of distraction in which the homework may be done.  They will ensure that students do the homework assigned by regularly monitoring and signing the student’s journal at the end of each week.
Suggested homework minimum duration time:

  • First years – 11/2 hours per evening (at least 10 minutes per subject is recommended)
  • Second years – 2 hours per evening.
  • Third years – 21/2 hours per evening.
  • Senior students – 31/2 hours per evening.

The School
The school will endeavour at all times to impart efficient learning/studying techniques and skills to the students. The school strongly recommends that casual part time paid employment not be undertaken by students during the week as it prevents the doing of homework and it therefore a serious impediment to progress in school.  The school also recommends that students of Third Year Junior Cert and final year Leaving Cert. not take on casual/part time paid employment during the week days in the year of sitting public exams and that a minimum of four hours study and revision be undertaken over each weekend.
The school will apply sanctions as per the Code of Behaviour to any student not complying with this policy.

Please note
It is well established, through both research and experience, that second level students who consistently work in paid employment for more than eight-ten hours per week do not  perform as well in final examinations as those who do not.  Those students who work consisently in such employment take this time from their study and examination preparation consequently jeopardising their future education and life’s opportunity.
A school week consist of:
  Class -28 hours
  Study and Preparatio – 15 hours

Additional working hours, however few, added to this inevitably results in school work being minimised and unrepeatable opportunities squandered.