In January sixth year students welcomed a guest speaker from Console, Marie Whyte.  Marie outlined some of the ways that young people could look after their mental health.  These included having a regular sleeping pattern, eating properly, exercising and having a social outlet. She outlined the importance of students having someone to confide in if they are feeling hurt, angry, or just ‘out of sorts’.  She also looked at some of the agencies that young people could turn to if they were feeling low (see below).

Transition year students welcomed Joe McGrath of Blue Rose Theatre Co. who performed a one-man play based on his personal experience of depression.  His message was summed up in one word: TALK. Tell someone what you’re going through; Ask for help with problems; Listen to what helpers and carers say; Keep telling, asking and listening.  TALK.

Depression can affect up to 10% of teenagers at any one time.  It affects how we feel about ourselves and others, makes us feel tired all the time, causes us to lose interest in hobbies, school and friendships, and it makes us want to hide away from the world.  Depression can be hard to deal with but it’s important to remember that there are many supports that we can access to help us get through it.

Talking to parents or guardians is important. You might find it difficult to find the words to say how you feel, but it is important to tell someone.  As with any health problem your G.P. will be able to help.

If you think you are depressed you can speak to any member of the pastoral care team – Ms. Lenihan, Mr. Kennedy or Sr. Regina.

HELPFUL WEBSITES this is an interactive website specifically for teens and guides you through common problems teenagers face, what to do if you’re worried about a friend, how to get help yourself.  Students will be familiar with the T.V. ad which is probably a good place to start.  It also guides you through an action diary – a step-by-step guide to help solve some typical problems. this is a new website launched in October 2010. There is a section on the causes and symptoms of depression.  Click on ‘Your Story’ where there is a video of Dr. Kenny talking about how friends and family can help someone who is depressed. a website that has plenty of advice on alcohol, drugs, relationships and mental health.  Well worth a look.


The Samaritans: 1850 60 90 90              email:
Jigsaw (15-25 yr. olds): 091 549252        email:
Aware: 1890 303 302