Gene Donohue (Class 104)

A hard mountain weighs a tonne
A mountain of burning sun
And pointy and sharp is the crust
That hurt many climbers with its crust
For the mountain climber was there to be
For his crew were there to see
A whole mountain range there to be
Oh how wide the world is to thee

Yasir Zardari (104)

Sweets are my favourite things
They make me laugh and almost sing
Jelly beans are as soft as fudge
With so many flavours, its hard to judge
Toffees are as hard as rock
They give my teeth a horrible knock
Candyfloss is light as a feather
Not as tough as old shoe leather
And finally my favourite sweets are mints
They come in all colours and tints.

Ciaran Cogavin (104)

Stupid students annoy me like hell
Young Donohue his hair and his yell
And little Ronan who has no hope
Honest to God I think he’s a “fooly boy”
Daryl Harris no homework done
He’s never done nothing, nothing oh none
Yasir Zardari is a genius ok
All he’ll accept is an A, A, A

Ye will not stop messin’ even during a test
All ye can do is mess, mess, mess
Just give us your time and we will teach what we can
Don’t act like such children act like a man
Your attention is horrible your patience is poor
Come on, act decent, change 104

Frank Hopkins (104)

What do you see warden?
What do you see when you look at me?
A foolish young man who killed with a knife
And destroyed a family’s life
And will be stuck in this cell
For the rest of his life.
With long lonely days
With nothing else in sight

David Kenny (104)

Look at you; you have killed a person,
We hit you for cursing
We make a fuss and lock you on a bus,
Because that’s our job
Unlike ye, ye live to rob.
We have a gun for our protection
But ye are out on suspension
Ye are locked in a cell
Because you will cause hell
We trust ye like animals because
That’s what ye are
Robbing stuff from a jar

Rafeek Khan (104)

What do yo see Warden?
What do you see?
What you thinking
When you’re looking at me?
A young prisoner with not much of a life
Who got put in here for trying to stab with a knife
When I tried to run, you took out a gun
But that’s not fair you’re as big as  a bear
It’s so boring here, not much to do.
When we want to have fun it’s all up to you
Out in the yard we want to play ball
That is not easy when you only have a wall
We killed a person, but you hit us for cursin
So open your eyes Warden open and see
Not a crazy prisoner, look close see me!

Alan Manning (104)

It was a cold, cold night
The moon gave little light
All sight was slight, his eyes were bright
He was of height as he rode his horse
Down the road
Birds of flight, flew through the night
Following the old man home
They would fly so high
So high, when they’d carried
It couldn’t be heard at all.
It was on that dark, gloomy night
When sight was slight
Those three old men
Would live no more

Alan Manning (104)

I’m done, I’m done
I can barely run
Holding a gun
All for fun.
It weighs a tonne
Just all for fun

Alan Manning (104)

Time would pass
With the growing of grass
How time would pass
We would go to Mass
Alas, alas
How to make time pass
Watching paint dry
Would make me cry
Watching grass grow
Is very slow
Alas, alas
How time pass.

Daryl Harris (104)

There he was running the pitch
The ball on the hurley
Twisting, twisting and turning
He pucks the ball
And over the bar
By God that ball went mighty far!
Everyone cheered and he rubbed his beard
With tears of glory pouring
From his eyes he screamed
“Yes! Come on guys!!”

Ali Al Ashbal (104)

The moon
Is a bright ball
The moon
Is my night light
The moon
Is when the wolves come out at night
The moon
Makes me feel alive
The moon
Makes me happy
The moon
Is the place to be.

Tristan McDonagh (104)

School life for me and for you
Gives a good education ho, ho
We will go to class every day
Learning other things in every way
Maths, English, Geography and Science
Doing other things like this everyday.
That’s my school life
For me and you
Got another year to do.

Mohammed Elab (104)

Joy? What is joy?
It is that feeling when you jump up and down!
It is that feeling when your breathing as fast as you can.

Oh………. I know
But that to me is fear and terror
When tanks are bombing
Every house in town
I started jumping like a mad clown
Is that “really joy?”

No ……  No
Joy is that feeling
When you are going to meet
Some dear one you love
As if you’re flying in the clouds
Up above

Oh…… I know
But this to me is sad and painful
Looking at my Dad
Behind the prison bars
Unable to touch him
Or even kiss him goodbye
Is that really joy?

Joy is what you get
When you really want
Just to stop all time
Wishing that
The hand of the clock
Never ticks or tocks
Freezing that moment forever and ever.

Oh ……. I know
But, this to me is horror
When soldiers come knocking at my door
Crashing and smashing
Mixing rice, floor and oil
Taking my brother
Who just turned fifteen

No ………….. No
Joy is sweet like chocolate and candy
When you start eating
You could never stop.

Oh ………..but I don’t know what
Chocolate and candy is
I guess I’ll never know
What joy really is
Because I am only
The heart of a Palestian boy,

Raymond Ward (104)

The trenches were bundled with people
I was nervous
It was frustrating
It was particularly sad
Everyone was complaining with the cold
We were supposed to have ammo.
The whoosing of the wind as I threw a grenade
The general considered falling back
We were tortured.
He was standing shoulder to shoulder
He was stretching
Civilisation was in our hands
Exasperation was among us
As we explore no mans land.

Eoghan Costello (102)

There is a sport called hurling
It takes a bit of learning
Hurls and helmets you do use
To wipe away the Sunday blues
It’s a lot better than curling!

Evan Murphy (102)

There is a rugby player known as BOD
He plays on the field as if he was God
When his team mate Paul
Gives him the call
He always gets over the line with a prod.

Diarmuid Claffey (102)

Hitting sliotars left and righ
Under, over, day and night
Running fast pulling hard
Lift and strike over the bar
Intense battles on the field
No fear no pain no defeat no yield
God hurling is the only game

Conor Keane (102)

Clutch down
And in gear
Rev it up
Spin the wheels

Sean Hopkins (102)

There once was a fellow named Sean
Who decided to go kick a ball
He kicked it into the goal
But fell into a hole
And his brother laughed on the lawn

Cathal Shields (102)

There once was a man named Cathal
Who while walking tripped over a bottle
The bottle blew up
And Cathal flew up
And that was the end of Cathal

Mark Bergin (102)

There once was a fellow named Mark,
And he ate a piece of tree bark
It was poison ivy
Now he ain’t so lively
And then he was fed to a shark

Mark Bergin (102)

One of my hobbies is reading
And some books are very intriguing
Like Lord of the Rings
The Return of the King
If you write one then you can start leading

Diarmuid Claffey (102)

There once was a fello name Diarmuid
A one is a million kid
He won the lottos and that was his motto
And brought a big mansion he did.

Diarmuid Claffey (102)

I have a great interest in farming
Especially when the cows are calving
Up night and day giving silage and hay
I hope I am successful farming

Conor Keane (102)

There was a fellow named Conor
Who thought he was a goner
He was feeling so ill
He took a pill
So Conor was a goner no longer

Sean Hopkins (102)

A golfer lay on the green, dead
Took seventeen putts – so they did
As his last golf c lub broke
He suffered a stroke
He should have played football instead.

Leon Glynn (102)

There once was  a fellow named Leon
Under is Honda he had neon
He drove extra fast
Too many red lights he past
And he hated the company AON

Alan Manning (104)

As wind whistles through the air
We are all in despair
We have nowhere to be
But with our family
We can come and go as we please
In that way we are like wind blowing leaves.

Alan Manning (104)

Japan is now a bad place to be
There are earthquakes, tsunamis and radiation
It has destroyed a nation and all the people in it
It looks like mother nature is trying to reclaim it
There’s nothing they can do but flee and take with them all of their grace
There are many people that pray for them; boys, girls, women, men
Some might choose to stay in place, but many will warn them it’s  not safe
That is all bad but what makes it worse
Is that this nuclear power plant is ready to burst!
The End!

Eoin Moran (TY)

Trees are good
Trees are made of wood
Trees are strong
Trees live very long


Yesterday I was at a confirmation,
Boy that bishop was full of information.
He had us in fits of laughter,
But I couldn’t wait for the party after.

The whole day was a sensation,
There was enough food to feed a nation.
It’s getting late so I’m off to bed,
For in the morning, Mom will be wrecking my head.

Cormac Coffey

“Morning morning haiku”

Monday morning science,
Trying to get out of here,
Waiting for the bell.

Michael Doherty

“The Best Poem I Never Started”

I was assigned to write a poem,
About anything happy or sad.
I sat for an hour with a pen in my hand
And it nearly drove me mad.

It’s for a competition we’re having in school,
And a teacher said we have to follow the rule.
But I couldn’t think of anything to say,
I desperately wanted to go out and play.

My cousins were playing outside.
They made up a new game
I nearly cried.
As I looked at them through the window
I thought about playing my Nintendo.
I said to myself I better not,
My younger sister was ahead a lot.

I took out my laptop to write my poem,
And found my mind began to roam.
I tapped my feet and fingers too,
I scratched my head,
Then went to the loo.
I asked my sister if she would help.
She looked at me,
Then gave a yelp.

I stared at the blank screen
For a long, long while,
Then got an idea that made me smile.
If I told my teacher, I felt unwell
Just before the school bell,
Maybe he would say,
“You don’t have to do the poem”
Or maybe he’d say, “Just do it at home”.

Well I guess I’d better try to finish it now,
The sweat is already down my brow.
I’ll never be able to go out and play.
Let’s hope tomorrow is a sunny day.

Jack Kelly

101 Limericks

There once was a man from Mallow,
Who was known to be exceedingly shallow,
He’d promise you gain,
But leave you in pain,
With dreams and pockets all fallow.

Daniel Hyland

I don’t care for Limerick city,
I know that’s such a pity,
It has nice towns
Which carry no frowns
And the people are quite witty.

Lonan Broderick

There once was a lad called Barrett
Who owned a little parrot.
The parrot was small
Who couldn’t talk at all
And all he could eat was a carrot.

Alan Barrett

I think it is time
I started my short rhyme
As to what I should write
I’ve been thinking all night
If I don’t get is done, it’s a crime.

Liam Donagh

There once was a boy named Madden
The teachers of whom he would sadden
He’d come to Maths late
Which Ms. Claffey would hate
And now he’s bad at addin’.

Alan Madden

There was a boy called Aaron
Who fell for a lass name Sharon
He liked her a lot
That he then lost the plot
Oh why I cannot fathom!

Aaron Carty

There was a boy called Daniel
Who had a cocker spaniel
The dog would bark
At Mr. Clarke
So he went and renamed him Nathaniel.

Daniel Mongan

There once was a man called Paul,
Who loved to drink alcohol,
One day he got drunk
And fell with plunk,
Now he can even play basketball!

Liam Donagh

There was a boy from Garbally,
Who drove teachers all doolally,
He said with a smile,
“Sure I shtay for a while!”,
So he spends all his time out the alley.

Alan Madden

There was an old woman called Jenny,
Who rarely spent more than a penny.
She spent all her money
On whiskey and honey,
And now hasn’t even a guinea!

Ciaran Hamill

There was  a lad called Dean,
Who was never anywhere to be seen.
The teachers would look
In every corner and nook,
But nobody could find our young Manning!

Dean Manning

There once was a man from Cloncary,
Who owned an Italian Ferrari.
He drove to Dubai,
And the time just flew by,
Just to find a woman to marry.

Aodan Connaughton


We arrived in bad mood,
We thought we were doomed.
The team we were playing
Great skills were displaying,
The omens were not lookin’ good.
We started off slow,
But our game started to flow,
And soon it was not all doom and gloom.
We led at the break,
Our chances we did take,
The future was not looking up.
Great skill we did show
And scored lots of scores,
And beat our opponents with great ease and great poise.

Eamonn Quinn


Sometimes I like to run,
Crosswinds flowing sideways
Hanging onto the glimpse of hope
Under the clouds is the way it always is
Tonight is the night I go for gold
Sometimes I like to run…..


Boxing is my sport
A sport of strength and pride
When I won I laughed
When I lost I cried
So me and my horse
My trusty noble steed
Rode to the ring
To fight my opponent
And finish the bout.