As part of the Transition year course we were to volunteer for Social Action. This meant we had to go to and help organisations in the town that looked after people with disabilities, cared for young children or cared for the elderly.
The school decided to send me to Garbally View Nursing Home, an organisation that looked after the elderly, particularly those that are vulnerable and in need of constant care.  Jacob Walshe was also selected to work in Garbally View Nursing Home.
My working hours were from 9.30 a.m. in the morning until 12.30 p.m.  While I was there the workers told Jacob and myself that the done thing the elderly desired was someone to talk to.  We helped with the moving of furniture and more importantly we gave the elderly company.  Jacob and myself were particularly busy during the winter months, due to the snow making many roads impossible to drive on.  Many staff and family members were not able to get to Garbally View.  We hoped the staff make up for the loss of numbers and we also helped the elderly keep warm.
Overall I enjoyed my time in Garbally View as I got to help the elderly especially when much of their family could not get to them because of the snow.


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Ms S. Henry, Andrew Mannion, Ronan Kelly and Mr Gerry Tully