Schools and parents working together play a vital role in students academic progress.  This is especially true of young men who tend to have lower expectations and achievements in state examinations.  We have endeavoured to strengthen the links between our College and the home over the past year.  
Each year group was invited into the college in late August/early September.  We shared our expectations and made suggestions to improve the home/school links.  We have facilitated study skills seminars for students and parents.
We also ran a parenting course over three evenings in the meeting room.  A few simple suggestions include:

•    Ask your son regularly about school.
•    Have books in your home.
•    Have confidence in your sons ability and seek opportunities to praise his work and achievements.
•    Encourage your son to become a member of the local library.
•    Give him a quiet place to study.
•    Read yourself and encourage your son to do likewise.
•    Don’t have a TV in your sons bedroom.
•    Limit internet/games usage
•    Make sure your son is on time for school.
•    Attends regularly
•    Be positive about the school – if you have concerns contact Principal directly.


•    School leavers who leave early without a qualification are 5.5 times more likely to be unemployed.
•    Hourly rates of pay increase with level of education.


Many thanks to our dedicated Parents Association for all their work and support over the past year.  We particularly thank the executive for their dedicated service to the College – Joe Phelan (Chairman), Yvonne Duffy (Treasurer) and Joan Hall (Secretary)

Seated l to r:  Ms Y. Duffy, Ms S. Hughes, Mr S. O’Brien, Ms M. Shaughnessy
Back row:  Ms P. McMorrow, M. J. Hall, Mr M. Feury, Mr J. Phelan, Ms. C. Gullane and Mr N. Dolan

We also thank Sandra Hughes for her work as secretary over the past year.  We particularly thank all the parents for their support of our fundraiser during the October Fair.  We raised €11000 in difficult economic circumstances and this money went directly into the new Sports Courts.
Many thanks also for your support of our quiz night and bag pack at Christmas.  We value our close co-operation with the Parents Association.  Parents are the crucial determinant of young persons progress.  We will ensure the relationship strengthens.

Our man from Laurencetown Marty Feury. Well done Marty and deep appreciation for all your work for the College.